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New Legacy...Coming Soon

Hey guys :D 
               My "Easter break" (I don't even know how to call it since the school system here isn't the same as in the US/UK etc.) ended this week and I've gone back to school. I have more than a month and a half until summer holiday, almost two months of important test papers and other school stuff. So I guess there won't be many posts...
              But I have a new legacy coming soon as the title says! A Maxis Match one (the pic is a spoiler) :D The Belchers are done, I thought it would be silly to keep posting "realistic" updates and I had deleted their 'hood anyway :P
               Oh, and I'm sorry about the rest of the pics. My bandwidth will be reset on the 8th of  May, though.
Tags: real life, sims 2, the blume legacy
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